On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 11:56 AM, Timothy Potter wrote:
Trying to add some information about core.properties and auto-discovery in
Solr in Action and am at a loss for what to tell the reader is the purpose
of this feature.
IMO, it was more a removal of unnecessary central configuration.
You previously had to list the core in solr.xml, and now you don't.
Cores should be fully self-describing so that it should be easy to
move them in the future just by moving the core directory (although
that may not yet work...)

Can anyone point me to any background information about core
auto-discovery? I'm not interested in the technical implementation details.
Mainly I'm trying to understand the motivation behind having this feature
as it seems unnecessary with the Core Admin API. Best I can tell is it
removes a manual step of firing off a call to the Core Admin API or loading
a core from the Admin UI. If that's it and I'm overthinking it, then cool
but was expecting more of an "ah-ha" moment with this feature ;-)

Any insights you can share are appreciated.


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