On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 12:26 PM, Timothy Potter wrote:
This is not a problem per se, just want to verify that we're not able
to specify which server shard splits are created as of 4.3.1? From
what I've seen, the new cores for the sub-shards are created on the
leader of the shard being split.

Of course it's easy enough to migrate the new sub-shards to another
node after the fact especially since replication occurs automatically
for the splits.

Seems like if the shard being split is large enough that doing the
split on the same node could cause some resource issues so might be
better to do the split on another server. Or is my assumption that the
split operation is pretty expensive incorrect?
I think it will be mostly IO - it may or may not be expensive
depending on how IO bound your box already is.

Splitting directly to a different servers would be cool, but would
seem to require some sort of Directory implementation that streams
things over the network rather than just locally store on disk. It's
something I think we want in the future, but was a bit too much to
bite off for the first iteration of this feature.
Lastly, also seems like we don't have control over where the replicas
of the split shards go?
Seems like a good idea to optionally allow this...


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