On Mar 12, 2013, at 1:21 PM, Chris Hostetter wrote:

How are these sets of flrids created/defined? (undertsanding the source
of the filter information may help inspire alternative suggestsions, ie:
XY Problem)

It sounds like you're looking for patterns that could potentially providing groupings for these FLRIDs. We've been down that road, too, but we don't see how there could be one. The arbitrariness comes from the fact that the lists are maintained by users and can be changed at any time.

Each book in the database has an FLRID. Each user can create lists of books. These lists can be modified at any time.

That looks like this in Oracle: USER 1->M LIST 1->M LISTDETAIL M <- 1 TITLE

The sizes we're talking about: tens of thousands of users; hundreds of thousands of lists, with up to 100,000 items per list; tens of millions of listdetail.

We have a feature that lets the user do a keyword search on books within his list. We can't update the Solr record to keep track of which lists it appears on because there may be, say, 20 people every second updating the contents of their lists, and those 20 people expect that their next search-within-a-list will have those new results.


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