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Hi all,
Is there any way to have a bitmap field in Solr??
I have a use case where I need to search specific attributes of a document.
Rather than having an is_A, is_B, is_C (all related to each other)etc...how
would i store all this data in a single field and still be able to query
it?? Can it be done in any way apart from storing them as strings in a text

You can have a field that is multiValued. It still needs a base type, like "string" or "int". For instance, in my book database, I have a field called "classifications" and it is multivalued.

<field name="classifications" type="string" multiValued="true" />

A classification of 1 means "spiralbound", and 2 means "large print" and 3 means "multilingual" and so on. So if my user wants to search for a multilingual book, I search for "classifications:3". If you want spiralbound large print, you'd search for "classifications:1 classifications:2".


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