it depends on your definition of "polular" if you mean "occurs in a lot of
documents" then take a look at the LukeRequestHandler ... if can give you
info on terms with high frequencies (and you can use a Shingles based
tokenizer to index "phrase" as terms

if by popular you mean "occurs in a lot of queries" there isn't anything
in Solr that keeps track of what people search for ... your application
would need to do that.

: How can i search for popular phrases or words with an
: option to include only, for example, technical terms
: e.g "Oracle database" rather than common english

You'll need a better definition of your goal to get any meaningful answer
to the "an option to include only, for example, technical terms" part of
that question ... the "for example" implies that there are other examples
... how would you (as a human person) decide when to classify a phrase as
a "technical" phrase, vs an ... "other" phrase? if you can't answer that
question, then neither can code.


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