On 4/11/07, Chris Hostetter wrote:
: Not really. The explain scores aren't normalized and I also couldn't
: find a way to get the explain data as anything other than a whitespace
: formatted text blob from Solr. Keep in mind that they need confidence

the defualt way Solr dumps score explainations is just as plain text, but
the Explanation objects are actually fairly well structured, and easy to
walk in a custom request handler -- this would let you make direct
comparisons of the various peices of the Explanations from doc 1 with doc
2 if you wanted.
Does anyone have any experience with examining Explanation objects in
a custom request handler?

I started this project using Solr on top of Lucene because I wanted
the flexibility it provided. The ability to have dynamic field names
so the user could configure what fields they wanted to index and how
they wanted them to be indexed (using field type configurations good
for titles or for person names or for years, etc.).

What I quickly found I could do without though was the HTTP overhead.
I implemented the EmbeddedSolr class found on the Solr wiki that let
me interact with the Solr engine directly. This is important since I'm
doing thousands of queries in a batch.

I need to find out about this custom request handler thing. If anyone
has any example code, it would be greatly appreciated.


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