On Tue, May 27, 2008 at 1:04 PM, Chris Hostetter wrote:

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: + ==== Setting Solr Home from web.xml of solr web app ====

1) is this really Tomcat specific? I thought this could be done with any
servlet container?

2) while this is another way to specify the Solr Home using JNDI, It
doesn't seem right to classify this as "Configuring" because it requires
people to muck with the war ... which makes upgrading harder.
FWIW, Tomcat *does* support mechanisms to configure JNDI resources
(including the Solr Home setting) *without* modifying the WAR file
itself. Indeed, that was really the motivation behind having JNDI
resources in the first place. Two easy approaches:

* Define the <Context> element, including nested resource settings for
JNDI) in Tomcat's server.xml file.
This isn't deploy-on-demand, but is perfectly reasonable for a
production environment.

* Using the manager app, deploy a context.xml file (including pointers
to the war and the JNDI settings)
instead of deploying a war directly. See the manager webapp docs
for more info.

i would prefer to keep this info off the wiki, or move it somewhere where
it's more clear that it's only for people who really wnat to "HACK" on the
solr war. (commented out in the web.xml like "path-prefix" perhaps?)
So you want to *hide* information that some users will find useful?
That doesn't seem very user friendly :-).
Either way, i'm moving the info within SolrTomcat for the time being ...
it was inserted in between an example context file and the notes about the

Craig McClanahan

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