Thanks for the reply.

On the other hand, how to do a query for the following situation:

- One index has the content index for a list of documents and a key to the
document. That means the Lucene document of this index contains 2 fields:
the 'content' and the 'key'.
- another index has the some data indexed associated with the 'key' in the
previous index. The Lucene document of this index contains several fields:
the 'who' that contains some data and the 'key' that _points_ to the
document in the first index.

Sample data:
Index_1: [key] [content]
Abc "blah blah 123 ..."
Xyz "123 321 a nice day ..."

Index_2: [who] [accessed] [key]
David 1/1/2007 Abc
Someone 1/2/2005 Abc
Guess 12/1/2000 Xyz
Harry 1/1/2008 Abc
Sandra 1/1/2003 Xyz

As shown, the [key] field in Index_2 has repeated value that _points_ to the
[key] values in Index_1. How do I make a query for the following:

Find out all documents in Index_2:
- [who] is in range of 'David' to 'Guess' and
- [accessed] in range '1/1/1900' to '1/1/2010' and
- [key] associated [content] in Index_1 that contains the term 'blah'

I know this is more SQL like query. Is Lucene capable of doing this type of
query that needs associations among index files?

Thanks in advance.

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It can be done with "ANDing the new query with the previous one" (like
google does).


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Subject: How to perform search within Search Results recursively


I am a newbie to Lucene and Lucene.net. I am wondering if it is possible to
perform search within search results recursively. That means if I initially
perform a search on all fields in a query string. Then I want to perform
another query string on the search results from the previous search and so
on. This is similar to search within results in Google. How is it possible
to perform search like this with Lucene or Lucene.net?

Thanks in advance.


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