We are developing a large 4-tier multi-server app that will accept
Questions and related Comments supplied by users. There will be 100K's
of users that live in Shards. Also, ideally there would be no delay in
adding content and seeing it in recent results but to make the system
performant a delay is acceptable.

On the main page we will have 2 panels with the 5 most recent site-wide
Questions and 5 most recent site-wide Comments.
On the user's profile page we would display similar panels except they
would only consist of links that pertain to that user.

There are essentially 4 design choices:

1) Do periodic DB SELECT calls and cache for site-wide content "AND" do
live DB SELECT calls for user specific content. Not wonderful but ok.

2) Use DB triggers to manage tables for site-wide content, though as
content is sharded we would need to aggregate and resort based on
results obtained from all shards "AND" do live DB SELECT calls for user
specific content. Sounds awful... .

3) Use a solution like memcached however having multiple servers add and
prune site-wide content to cache seems like it would be a synchro
nightmare "AND" do live DB SELECT calls for user specific content. Nix
that... .

4) Use Lucene to obtain most recent site-wide content (and better yet
push it into memcached) "AND" use Lucene to retrieve live user specific

Is this a natural fit for Lucene?

I understood Lucene is very performant but is finding the last X
documents based on a long (timestamp) something that it would do very well?

Or is Lucene not appropriate and should we be considering something else?

Personally, I think Lucene is the best choice... but would like to hear
the thoughts of others.



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