We are developing a site with a 4 tier design (RP, UI, WS, DB) and on
the WS tier are looking at how we would setup Lucene in a HA
configuration i.e. so there is no single point of failure. The initial
deployment will involve pairs of servers at each tier.

As there are at least 2 servers at the WS (Lucene) tier that implies at
least 2 indexes.

As far as best practices go:

1) What is the typical architecture for Lucene in a HA configuration?

2) How are indexes typically maintained in some sort of sync? i.e. if a
request comes in to do a search on the UI tier and returns a set of
results and we want the next page of results but aren't using say
stickiness if the indexes are out of sync this could be problematic.
No? How are these issues solved?

3) What types of things are done to the DB to keep track of updates e.g.
having a last indexed timestamp is great but if you have 2 indexes are
you adding 2 columns on each table?

4) Are there any white papers or references worth looking at?

FYI... the site is being designed to scale to millions of users and
already incorporates Sharding for user data and related content.

Much Appreciated.


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