Thanks for the response. But I'm definitely calling close() on the old
reader and opening a new one (not using reopen). Also, to simplify the
analysis, I did my test with a single-threaded requester to eliminate any
concurrency issues.

I'm doing:
sSearcher.close(); // this actually seems to be a no-op
IndexReader newIndexReader = IndexReader.open(newDirectory);
sSearcher = new IndexSearcher(newIndexReader);

Btw, isn't it bad practice anyway to have an unbounded cache? Are there any
plans to replace the HashMaps used for the innerCaches with an actual
size-bounded cache with some eviction policy (perhaps EhCache or something)

Thanks again,

On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 4:37 PM, Erick Erickson wrote:

What this sounds like is that you're not really closing your
readers even though you think you are. Sorting indeed uses up
significant memory when it populates internal caches and keeps
it around for later use (which is one of the reasons that warming
queries matter). But if you really do close the reader, I'm pretty
sure the memory should be GC-able.

One thing that trips people up is IndexReader.reopen(). If it
returns a reader different than the original, you *must* close the
old one. If you don't, the old reader is still hanging around and
memory won't be returne.... An example from the Javadocs...

IndexReader reader = ...
IndexReader new = r.reopen();
if (new != reader) {
... // reader was reopened
reader = new;

If this is irrelevant, could you post your close/open




On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 4:27 PM, TCK wrote:

I'm having heap memory issues when I do lucene queries involving sorting by
a string field. Such queries seem to load a lot of data in to the heap.
Moreover lucene seems to hold on to references to this data even after the
index reader has been closed and a full GC has been run. Some of the
consequences of this are that in my generational heap configuration a lot
memory gets promoted to tenured space each time I close the old index
and after opening and querying using a new one, and the tenured space
eventually gets fragmented causing a lot of promotion failures resulting in
jvm hangs while the jvm does stop-the-world GCs.

Does anyone know any workarounds to avoid these memory issues when doing
such lucene queries?

My profiling showed that even after a full GC lucene is holding on to a lot
of references to field value data notably via the
FieldCacheImpl/ExtendedFieldCacheImpl. I noticed that the WeakHashMap
readerCaches are using unbounded HashMaps as the innerCaches and I used
reflection to replace these innerCaches with dummy empty HashMaps, but
I'm seeing the same behavior. I wondered if anyone has gone through these
same issues before and would offer any advice.

Thanks a lot,

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