In an attempt to balance searching efficiency against the number of open file descriptors on my system, I cache IndexSearchers with a "last used" timestamp. A background cache manager thread then periodically checks the cache for any that haven't been used in a while and removes them from the cache. In so doing, it also closes their underlying IndexReaders to force the files to be released. This works very well, but I have hit a very occasional race condition where search code grabs a searcher from the cache just as it is about to expire - causing an "AlreadyClosed" exception. Rather than attempt to synchronize my code, I figured it might be less expensive if search() (I have extended IndexSearcher) were to check that the underlying IndexReader is still open - and reopen() if necessary. However, I cannot find a way to detect this ... is there a way? Failing that, what is the cost of just issuing a reopen() anyway?

Thanks for any thoughts / ideas.

- Chris

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