Many thanks Steve for all that information.

I understand by your answer that cross-lingual search doesn't come "out-of
-the-box" in Lucene.


On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 6:46 PM, Steven A Rowe wrote:

Hi Alex,

What you want to do is commonly referred to as "Cross Language Information
Retrieval". Doug Oard at the University of Maryland has a page of CLIR
resources here:


Grant Ingersoll responded to a similar question a couple of years ago on
this list:

Here's another recent thread with lots of good info, from the solr-user
mailing list, on the same topic:

Here's a paper written by a group that put together a Greek-English
cross-language retrieval system using Lucene:


And here's another paper written by a group that made a Hindi and Telugu to
English cross-language retrieval system using Lucene, from the CLEF 2006
conference proceedings:


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I am new to Lucene so excuse me if this is a trivial question ..

I have data that I Index in a given language (English). My users will
come from different countries and my search screen will be
internationalized. My users will then probably query thing in their
own language. Is it possible too lookup for Items that were indexed
in a different language.

To make thing a bit more clear.

My "Business" object has a "type" attribute. In lucene the "type" field
is created. The Business object for "Doctor Smuck" will be indexed with
the "type" field as "medical doctor" or anything similar. My German
users will query using german languange. He tries to find a Doctor
using "Arzt" or maybe "Mediziner" as a query. Is Lucene able to match
the query to the value that was indexed in another language ?
Is there an analyser for that ?

By the way : I can provide the probable input language, based on the
client's search page language, as a parameter if that helps (it
probably will) .

Many thanks for your thoughts !

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