Can you re-index the documents? Because it's much simpler tojust count the
number of volunteers *as you add fields to the
doc to index it* and then just add the count field after you're
done parsing the document. Your corpus is small, so this
shouldn't take very long.....

Or I completely misunderstand.

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 6:48 AM, ba3 wrote:

Yes, the documents were already indexed and the documents do not get

Maintaining an alternate index is a nice solution. Will try it out.
Thanks for the pointer.

If there is a solution which can use the same index it would be great!


Perhaps I misunderstood something, but how do you update a document?

I mean, if a document contains vol:a, vol:b and vol:c and then you want to
add vol:d to it, don't you remove the document and add it back?

If that's what you do, then you can also update the numvols field, right?

Or .. you mean you already have an index w/ all those documents indexed,
you want to search it now? If you cannot rebuild it, may I suggest the
following - created another index and add documents to it in the same order
as they were added to the current index. To each document add a 'numvols'
field. Then use a ParallelReader to search over the two indices in parallel
with the query I gave before. The two indices should look like this:

Index 1 Index 2
------------------- ------------------------
Doc: vol1, vol2, vol3 Doc: numvols:3
Doc: vol1, vol4, vol6, vol7 Doc: numvols: 4
Doc: vol5 Doc: numvols: 1
Doc: vol3, vol8 Doc: numvols: 2

It should work if your index doesn't have deletes. If it has, consider
optimizing it or call expungeDeletes.

If your scenario is different, then perhaps try to explain it more


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