Thank you for help, Micheal. It works fine now. Next time I will trust
Lucene a little bit more ;-)


Michael McCandless a écrit :
It's best to let IndexWriter manage the deletion of files (for exactly
this reason).

It turns out, it's perfectly fine to open an IndexWriter with
"create=true" even when IndexReaders are reading that same index.
Those open IndexReaders continue to search their point-in-time
snapshot, and then when they reopen they'll switch to the "reset"

So, assuming you have enough free disk space, you could leave your
searcher open, create an IndexWriter with create=true, call
addIndexesNoOptimize passing in your RAMDir (or, skip RAMDir and
simply add your docs directly to this writer), then commit or close
the writer and reopen the searcher.

Because Lucene is transactional, and assuming you use autoCommit=false
when opening the writer, you can make all of your index updates and
the searcher, even if reopened, will see none of these changes, until
you've called commit/close from the writer.


On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 3:15 AM, Malo Pichotwrote:

I know a similar subject has been discussed in this list and this is not
a "windows file system" list ;-) But may be someone have encountered the
"thing"... and perhaps solved it !

I have a web application that index many documents so I have a quite
large Lucene (2.2) index (~ 350 Mo) managed by a FSDirectory. The
indexation (I mean writing in indeces) is done by batches. Each batch
works first in a RAMDirectory, wich is merged with the main index in a
third one (a temporary FSDirectory). When the merge is done, the
application have to replace the main index (untouched until this time).
Here comes the problem ! To replace, the application close the searcher,
then the FSDirectory itself. After that, the application delete all
files of the main index and then copy all files of the temporary index
in place, before re-open the FSDirectory, generate searcher, etc.

All that is good in Linux environment, and in Windows most of the time.
Yeap ! sometimes, windows FS refuses the deletion of the main index
files. Th only way I found to force windows FS unlocking those files is
to stop the servlets server (Tomcat). I can't shutdown Tomcat during the
indexation work.

I don't know how to solved that :-(

Does anyone get inspiration ?


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