I have this NotEmptyQuery class (http://gist.github.com/78115) which extends
the MultiTermQuery. The class is added into a BooleanQuery, after some other
queries (e.g. after TermQuery and LongTrieRangeFilter queries).
I wonder: does Lucene need to scan all the terms in the inverted index
and the collect all the document identifiers into the DocIdSet
in order to implement the MultiTermQuery which goes after some other
queries in a BooleanQuery? Like, collecting a thouthand of document
identifiers only to filter a few documents which remain after the other
queries had been fired up?
Or does Lucene use some trickery to only provide a subset of terms to the

Sorry if this is a dumb question or a part of a FAQ somewhere.
(I haven't found any related performance discussion of Lucene internals
on the site).

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