Hi all,

I need to replace some db queries with lucene due to response time
issues for sure. In this special case I need to do a range query on a
field and a prefix query. I'm trying to prepare and try my query in luke
with no success before migrating it to java.

I need to find all names starting with for example "A Balladeer" to "A
Perfect Circle" in the name field. The sort field is sortName (same
content as name, but untokenized for sorting).

I tried the following in luke which should give me a few hundred docs:

name:["A Balladeer*" TO "A Perfect Circle*"] - 0 results, also there
should be some
name:["A Balladeer*" TO "B*" - >10k results, but also returns results
which have a string in the middle or end starting with A

I tried using sortName (untokenized) field instead:
sortName:["A Balladeer*" TO "B*" - 25 results, all starting with A*
(guess since it's untokenized), but far less than expected again

Tried a couple of more (stupid) things with little success. I googled
around, but I'm kinda stuck here. So I'm asking the list. How can I
search all name/sortName fields in a range between "A Balladeer*" TO "A
Perfect Circle*" and get only terms back which are starting with that
terms? Is there a way to accomplish that in Java and try it in luke?

And is there a way to sort resultsets in luke?


Thomas Becker

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