org.apache.lucene.analysis.cjk.CJKTokenizer is in the "contrib" portion of lucene, so I'm not sure if this is the right place to mention this or not. I was doing some detailed analysis of how this tokenizer worked and noticed the following behavior (which I would classify as a bug).

If you pass the word "construccion" to the tokenizer, it returns a single token: "construccion". That seems correct. If you pass the word "construcción" to this tokenizer, it will generate three tokens: "construcci", "ó", and "n". This is happens because the accented "o" is not treated as a Latin-1 character. Splitting the word seems like a bug and violates the "does a decent job for most European languages" statement.

The fix seems straight forward. I replaced the following 2 lines (in the CJKTokenizer class):

if ((ub == Character.UnicodeBlock.BASIC_LATIN)
(ub == Character.UnicodeBlock.HALFWIDTH_AND_FULLWIDTH_FORMS))


if ((ub == Character.UnicodeBlock.BASIC_LATIN) // chars 0x00-0x7f
(ub == Character.UnicodeBlock.LATIN_1_SUPPLEMENT) // char 0x80-0xff
(ub == Character.UnicodeBlock.LATIN_EXTENDED_A) // char 0x100-0x17f
(ub == Character.UnicodeBlock.HALFWIDTH_AND_FULLWIDTH_FORMS))

Am I missing something or does this seem like a reasonable thing to want to do?

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