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Hi All,
I am new in lucene!
I am trying to do my own nalyzer (myAnalyzer) in lucene. I worte it and I
compile it, then i add myAnlayzer.class to the folder
\org\apache\lucene\analysis and then i create new jar files which
contains myAnalyzer and the other files, then i imported myanalyzer in
IndexFile.java successfully:

import org.apache.lucene.analysis.myAnalyzer;

after that i modified this command in IndexFile.java

IndexWriter writer = new IndexWriter("index", myAnalyzer(), true);
Unfortunately there is some error here which I couldn't recognize, I feel I
didn't missed any step, also myanalyzer.java was compiled without any error.

Thanks in advance
What/where is the error? The steps you followed seem correct. Can you
share some of your analyzer code?

Just some notes: Java convention says you should start class names with
uppercase (MyAnalyzer); plus, where are you are instantiating your
analyzer (new IndexWriter("index", new myAnalyzer(), true);)?


*Marcelo Frantz Schneider*
/SIC - TCO - Tecnologia em Engenharia do Conhecimento/

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