Hi all,

I have index of size 85MB. My query looks as follows:

+(t:boss* d:boss* dd:boss* tg:boss*) +st:act +ntid:0 +cid:1 +dr:[20080410 TO 20081010] +rT:[002 TO 005]

All the fields used in the query are stored in the indexes (Indexed & Stored)

The query response time for me is around 30 seconds when running mutliple simultanoeous threads (~100). The no. of matches is ~30k but I retrieve only the top 100 results. I am using Hibernate Search which is a wrapper around Lucene. I retrieve the "id" filed from the index which is also indexex and stored.

What is the approach that I should take for improving the performance?

Will just indexing the values without storing them work (Index & UnStored)?

My machine configuration is:
P4 2.66GHz 1.99 GB RAM

The code for searching runs in JBoss application server which has a maximum heap size of 1024MB. When these 100 threads are running in the application server the CPU utilization is 100% and JBoss consumes all of the heap size.

Any pointers on index optimization would be really appreciated.

Rakesh Shete

No Harvard, No Oxford. We are here. Find out !!

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