A three field boolean query isn't very complex, so I don't
think that's a problem. Although it does depend a bit upon
how many terms you allow.

But I'd try the simplest thing first, which would be to put
all the terms in a fulltext field as well as in individual terms.

Then get some performance measurements and some
idea of what the total size of the index will be and make
some decisions at that point.

It's actually remarkably easy to switch from one
of those solutions to the other if performance isn't what
you need. In general, I've had better luck not worrying
about space and going for simple code, *then* changing
things around if there's a problem.

On 8/21/07, Antoine Baudoux wrote:

Hi everyone,

My question : i have medias with a "title" field and a "caption"
field and a "keywords" field.

I want to be able to search in those 3 fields at the same time. For
example, if i search "black car" the boolean query looks like this
combination of termqueries:

(title=black or keywords=black or caption=black) and (title=car or
keywords= car or caption= car).

So if "black" is in caption and "car" is in title I must find the media.

I'm afraid that those boolean queries will be slow when there are a
lot of terms in the query.

I can, at index time add a "fulltext" field to each media that will
contains title, caption and keywords concatenated.

the query becomes : (fulltext=black and fulltext=car), much simpler.

But i must still be able to search only in title or only in caption
or only in keywords, so I must still add the other fields, doubling
the indexed terms.

Has someone done a similar thing? Is it worth it, or will the First
boolean query remain fast enough?



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