Hi everyone,

My question : i have medias with a "title" field and a "caption"
field and a "keywords" field.

I want to be able to search in those 3 fields at the same time. For
example, if i search "black car" the boolean query looks like this
combination of termqueries:

(title=black or keywords=black or caption=black) and (title=car or
keywords= car or caption= car).

So if "black" is in caption and "car" is in title I must find the media.

I'm afraid that those boolean queries will be slow when there are a
lot of terms in the query.

I can, at index time add a "fulltext" field to each media that will
contains title, caption and keywords concatenated.

the query becomes : (fulltext=black and fulltext=car), much simpler.

But i must still be able to search only in title or only in caption
or only in keywords, so I must still add the other fields, doubling
the indexed terms.

Has someone done a similar thing? Is it worth it, or will the First
boolean query remain fast enough?



Antoine Baudoux
Development Manager
Tél.: +32 2 333 58 44
GSM: +32 499 534 538
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