: I am getting a "Too Many Open Files" Exception. I've read the FAQ about
: lowering the merge factor (currently set to 25), issuing a ulimit -n
: <number>, etc... but I am still getting the "Too Many Open Files"
: Exception (yes... I'm making sure I close all writer/searchers/reader
: and I only have one open at a time).

so ... what is your ulimit set to? how many files are in your index
directory? have you tried running lsof on your processes to see all the
files you have open?

the anoying thing about "Too Many Open Files" type errors, is that the
method/class/library that encounters the problem isn't neccessarily the
guy that caused hte problem ... it's just the straw that breaks the camels
back. it could be that you aren't closing some network socket (sockets
are files too) and it may not have anything to do with lucene.

or it could just be that your index has a ton of files because of hte
number of segments and the number of fields, and between it, and all the
jars your app loads it really does just use 1 too many files for your


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