The query syntax reference page talks about the NOT and the - operators, but
it wasn't clear to me what exactly the difference is between them. Could
someone tell me briefly what that difference might be or point me at some
further docs that describe it?

Is there a way to require a portion of a query only if there are values for
that field in the document?
e.g. If I know that I only want to match movies made between 1973 and 1975,
I would like to be able to say in my query that if the document has a year,
it must be in that range, but if the document has no year at all, don't fail
the document for that reason alone.
This is also important in the director name part. If a document has a
director given, and it doesn't match what I'm searching for, that should be
a fail, but if the document has no director field, I don't want to fail the
document for that reason alone.



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