Here are the queries being run:

+spanFirst(FIELD1:bfc, 2) spanNear([FIELD1:bfc,FIELD1:51], 2, true)
This works with 603 matches

+spanFirst(FIELD1:bfc, 2) spanNear([FIELD1:bfc,FIELD1:51], 2, true) +YNFIELD:y
Runs out of memory (should have ~300 matches)

+(+spanFirst(FIELD1:bfc, 2) spanNear([FIELD1:bfc,FIELD1:51], 2, true))
This works

+(+spanFirst(FIELD1:bfc, 2) spanNear([FIELD1:bfc,FIELD1:51], 2, true)) +(+YNFIELD:y)
This runs out of memory

Santa Clause wrote: Hello All,
I am having an issue with running out of memory while doing certain searches. I cannot do the obvious an give my JVM more memory, I have no more to give. Here is my situation.
I have ~150 million documents in my index with around 5 indexed fields. Each field is ~100 characters and when tokenized around a max of 10 tokens, usually less. I have 2 fields that are either y or n. These are the fields causing issues. Curently about 50% are (y, n) and the other times they are (n, y). In the future we will be adding more y,n fields and the will overlap in vlues. Example y,y or n,n.

Now when I add a TermQuery to my boolean query (making the y,n value required, I get a memory error.) Without that term query, all my queries run fine.

I thought that maybe it was because the rest of my query was optional and so adding the additional y,n query was getting too many hits ~75 million. So I tried keeping my original BooleanQuery (without y,n field) Adding it to another BooleanQuery making int required and then adding the y,n query to that. Still no joy.

My other thought was to have multiple indexes. Use one index when a value was y another when it is n and both when they want all informaton. The issue I came up with there is when a document has y,y or n,n and there is overlapping. That is causing a bit of issue.

Any thoughts or can someone explain why I run out of memory when I add a required TermQuery that contains 1/2 of my documents. The first part of my query should narrow the results down to a few hundred.

Richard K.

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