I'm betting you can make SpanNearQuery work for you. In the simple case it's
a bunch of SpanQuerys (which in its simplest form is just a Span version of
TermQuery). The two other parameters are slop (See Lucene In Action for an
explanation of this) and whether the terms must appear in the order they are
in the array of SpanQuery you use in the constructor to the SpanNearQuery.

Once you construct the SpanNearQuery, you can use it just like any other

So, if you wanted to find all the documents with your terms in order but
didn't care how close together they were, you could specify a very large
slop and inOrder = true. If you only wanted proximate terms, select a
reasonable slop. Defining "reasonable" is an exercise left to the reader...

On 3/20/07, Santa Clause wrote:

Hello all,
I have a how-to question. I have a field with these tokens in it (a b c
f b g a) and I am searching on it with these tokens (a f e g a). So far this
is easy I just set up a BooleanQuery with a bunch of optional TermQueries
and get hits on (a f g a) but not (e) which is close to what I want. Now the
part I am having difficulties with, I want to only find document that have
those search tokens in order. Search (a f e g a) gets a hit, search (a f g e
a) would not. A PhraseQuery expects all the search terms to be there but is
close to what I want. Currently I do the set of TermQueries then filter out
any document that does not have the terms in the right order as I am
displaying them. I do not cycle through the entire Hits object, just enough
to get something to display This works but then I never know the real count
of found documents without going through all of them, which is slow. The
option I am pondering is writing my own Query object but I'd rather find an
solution. Any thoughts?

Richard K.

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