OOM Errors are not uncommon during redeployment on application server
e.g. servlet container. Redeploy on Tomcat servers very often cause
OOM due to the perm gen space which get not GCed(that should go away
with 5.5). The JBoss can usually deal with these issue but just in
case you could check your PerGenSpace via JMX or some profiler to see
what happens with your loaded classes. If you redeploy in live /
production env. make sure you restart your app. server.
Do you use some common classes which are provided via parent
classloader of your application? This could also cause such problems.
If this is a PermGenSpace problem you might fix it by replacing one of
the components in your software stack. This issues has been widely
discussed and the finger of blame has been pointed to tomcat, cglib or
even your JVM impl.

best regards simon
On 12/20/06, Otis Gospodnetic wrote:
Are you using 2.1-dev version of Lucene? Try the latest nightly build, it as a fix for a certain OOM bug (see LUCENE-754).


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Subject: JAVA JVM Question

I have an index that's approximately 875MB. I'm using JBoss Application
Server 4.04 w/ Apache HTTP Server 2.2. My min/max JVM size is:
128MB/512MB. On initial startup, everything works fine. I'm able to
search (although it takes a while doing the first search because it's
loading the index into memory - because I'm sorting on a field)...
everything's fine and dandy. But if I stop the application and
redeploy, I get an OutOfMemoryError when I search (when the index gets
loaded into memory again). I've tried this on both Java 5 and Java 6.

When I stop the application, I made sure (or at least to the best of my
knowledge) that I close all searcher/reader/writer. I'm pretty sure
that there are no locks on the index. I've tried increasing the maximum
JVM size to 1GB. Now I can redeploy the application twice before it
gives me the OutOfMemoryError. It seems like the JVM isn't garbage
collecting the index.

So is this a JVM issue where the index is still in memory and it isn't
being garbage collected? Or am I not closing my searcher/reader/writer
correctly? Has anyone else experienced this?



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