Michael McCandless wrote:
Van Nguyen wrote:
I'm running this on Windows 2003 server (NTFS). The Java VM version is
1.5.0_06. This exception is not consistent, but it is not intermittent
either. It does not throw it at any particular point while rebuilding
the index, but it will throw this exception at some point (it could be
1/3 way through... or it could be 95% done).
At first... I thought I might have a bad sector somewhere on my hard
drive, so I partitioned a hard drive (known to be good) to be only
500mb... knowing this particular index is only 250mb. Using the server
version of the jvm.dll will cause this error somewhere during program.
Using the client version, it builds w/o any errors.
I am at a loss on this one.

That function that writes the segments file is quite simple -- it opens
a "segments.new", writes a smallish number of bytes, then closes it,
then renames it to "segments". Your exception happens in the close (in
a finally clause). I don't get why server version of the JRE would do
this but the client version would not.

Do you have any interesting customizations in how you are using Lucene?


It's been 2 months since this thread, but, in a separate JIRA issue:


We see an IOException very similar to the one at the start of this
thread. It's due to a bug in Lucene (and we believe also a bug in the
JVM -- but this is sort of speculation) where Lucene is closing an
already closed RandomAccessFile in a finalize() method.

Anyway, Van, if you are still here then you may want to test the patch
on that issue above (just committed to the trunk version of Lucene) to
see if it fixes your issue!


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