Below is the pseudo code of the application. A few implementation
points to understand the pseudo-code:

- We have a home grown threadpool class that allows us to index
multiple documents in parallel. We usually submit 200 jobs to the
pool (2-3 worker threads usually for the pool). Once these jobs are
finished, we submit the next set of jobs.
- All metadata for a document comes from a Oracle database. We
retrieve the metadata in form of an XML document.
- The indexing routine is designed with incremental indexing in
mind. We intend to perform full index build once and continue
with incremental indexing from that point onwards (on the
average 200-300 document modified/added each day).

Here is the pseudo-code. Please feel free to point out any implementation
issues that might cause the problem.

get database connection
get threadpool instance

for (;;) {
get next 200 documents (from database) to be indexed. Values
returned are a key for the document and the metadata xml

exit if no more document available

// first remove the documents (to be updated) from the
// index instead of deleting and inserting them one after
// another
get IndexReader instance
for all these documents {
use reader.deleteDocuments(new Term("KEY", document key))
finally close the IndexReader instance

// Now add these documents to the index
get IndexWriter instance and
set MergeFactor = 10
set MaxMergeDocs = 100000
set MaxFieldLength = 500000

for all these documents {
add a job to the threadpool with indexwriter instance
and document metadata
and wait till jobs are finished

finally close the IndexWriter instance
} //end for

get indexwriter instance and
optimize index
finally close the IndexWriter instance

finally close threadpool and database connection

Threadpool job:

read individual metadata from XML and construct a Lucene
Document object

Determine if there is an associated file for the document (
usually PDF/WORD/EXCEL/PPT). If so, extract text out of that
document and put it in a field called FULLTEXT for specific

Use the indexwriter instance (supplied with the job) to add
the document to the Lucene index




On 11/27/06, Michael McCandless wrote:
Suman Ghosh wrote:
On 11/27/06, Yonik Seeley wrote:
On 11/27/06, Suman Ghosh wrote:
Here are the values:


And I see your point. At the time of the crash, I have over 5000
segments. I'll try some conservative number and try to rebuild the
Although I don't see how those settings can produce 5000 segments,
I've developed a non-recursive patch you might want to try:
Suman, I'd really like to understand how you're getting so many
segments in your index. Is this (getting 5000 segments) easy to
reproduce? Are you closing / reopening your writer every so often (eg
to delete documents or something)?


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