1) RangeQuery is the devil, don't use it. If I weren't so lazy I would
change the javadocs for RangeQuery so that sentence was the class summary.
Takes a look at RangeFilter or ConstantScoreRangeQuery.

2) it's not clear what exactly you want your example to mean ... perhaps
you mean you want to match all docs with a field of "startDate
greater then "20060710" and a field of "endDate" less then "20060711", in
which case what you want to do is make a BooleanQuery containing two
ConstantScoreRangeQueries -- one on the startDate and one on the endDate.
... If that's not what you mean, then I don't understand your question.

: Is there a RangeQuery equivalent that can query date range on two
: different fields?
: Term startTerm = new Term("startDate", "20060710");
: Term endTerm = new Term("endDate", "20060711");
: RangeQuery q = new RangeQuery(startTerm, endTerm, true);


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