What's search engine?
There's an inverted index table.

Key----> Document

Only key, the document will be anything you like.

You can use different key for different document.

Lucene is not relational database, no column. Different document may have
different fields.

Another thing you must know is that Lucene is a tool kit, you have to use it
to implment your application.
You can never user Lucene to finish any task without any your own efforts.
On 6/14/06, Liao Xuefeng wrote:

hi, I'm new to lucene.

Now I want to add full-text search for my website to search articles,
and bbs topics. I'm not sure to use only one index to search all types of
these, or create 3 indexes for each of type.

If I use only one index, do I have to add a 'type' field to identify
document type? and how to filter the specified type?
If I use 3 indexes, is there more memory & cpu time cost?

Thanks in advance, for any help & suggestions.

Best regards,

Email: askxuefeng@gmail.com

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Yueyu Lin

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