Hi all,

my index size has grown too much and I keep getting outOfMemoryError after running few searches. I am using all the RAM that the JVM is allowing me 2.6GB.
I am left with two solutions now, the easy and expensive solution is to upgrade the hardware to a 64-bit System and use more RAM. the other solution is to split the index in let's say 3 indexes, deploy each index on a different box. as I understand using a RemoteSearcher will require opening the indexes with same Searcher, which will result in the OutOfMemoryError(correct me if I am wrong). so each box will have it's own searcher, I need to find a way to run a query on the 3 indexes and combine the results based on the query criteria.
has anyone done this before, and how was the performance?. is there another way that I am missing?.
thanks for the help,
for those who love soccer enjoy the world cup.

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