On Thursday, April 18, 2002, at 10:28 PM, Otis Gospodnetic wrote:


I need to select an HTML parser for the application that I'm writing
and I'm not sure what to choose.
The HTML parser included with Lucene looks flimsy, JTidy looks like a
hack and an overkill, using classes written for Swing
(javax.swing.text.html.parser) seems wrong, and I haven't tried David
McNicol's parser (included with Spindle).

Somebody on this list must have done some research on this subject.
Can anyone share some experiences?
Have you found a better HTML parser than any of those I listed above?
If your application deals with HTML, what do you use for parsing it?
Hi Otis,

I have an HTML parser built for ANTLR, but it's pretty strict in what it
accepts. Not sure how useful it will be for you, but here it is:


I am not sure what your goal is, but I personally have to scarf all
sorts of HTML from various websites to such them into the jGuru search
engine. I use a simple stripHTML() method I wrote to handle it. Works
great. Kills everything but the text. is that the kind of thing you
are looking for or do you really want to parse not filter?

Co-founder, http://www.jguru.com
Creator, ANTLR Parser Generator: http://www.antlr.org

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