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: : I ran this test before I committed the backport, but it succeeded then.
: : I beasted it on current branch_5_5 and 49/100 seeds succeeded.
: one of the things that cahnged as part of LUCENE-7132 was that i made all
: the BQ related tests start randomizing setDisableCoord() ... so you might
: be seeing some previously unidentified coord related bug that is only in
: the 5.x line of code?
: that could probably jive with the roughtly 50% failure ratio you're
: seeing?

Hmmm .... nope. Even with the setDisableCoord commented out (but still
consuming random().nextBoolean() consistently) the same seeds reliably
fail on branch_5_5

Looks like the "~50%" comes from the "use filler docs or not?" bit of the
test? with the patch below i can't find any seeds to fail -- which makes
it seem like the crux of the original bug (results incorrect when docs are
in diff blocks) is still relevant even after the backport to branch_5_5.

Mike -- any idea what might still be the problem here?


diff --git
index d97d8d4..596eb64 100644
--- a/lucene/core/src/test/org/apache/lucene/search/
+++ b/lucene/core/src/test/org/apache/lucene/search/
@@ -67,6 +67,7 @@ public class TestBoolean2 extends LuceneTestCase {
    public static void beforeClass() throws Exception {
      // in some runs, test immediate adjacency of matches - in others, force a full bucket gap betwen docs
      NUM_FILLER_DOCS = random().nextBoolean() ? 0 : BooleanScorer.SIZE;
+ NUM_FILLER_DOCS = 0; // nocommit
      PRE_FILLER_DOCS = TestUtil.nextInt(random(), 0, (NUM_FILLER_DOCS / 2));

      directory = newDirectory();

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