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: I’m not sure we want Jenkins to do this stuff.

FWIW: some of the reasons i've argued in the past that having (ASF)
jenkins execute as much as possible as a script, rather then just
requiring the RM to run the exact same scripts locally, was to help reduce
the amount of data the RM had to transfer over the wire between their
local machine and the internet.

For example...

If there was a parameterized jenkins job to "build an RC" give na branch +
sha, that automatically committed the artifacts to the dist repo w/o any
*.asc files, then the RM would have to download the artifacts from each RC
(just like any other tester) but the only thing the RM would have to
"upload" is the *.asc files they generated once they artifacts have been

Likewise things like publishing the javadocs (or pushing jars to maven
central) could be jenkins jobs that would (fail if *.asc files weren't
found & validated then) simply copy from ASF hardware (jenkins) to ASF
hardware (svn website repo) -- no need to worry about bandwidth limiations
between the RM and the outside world.

...but i'm happy to drop that idea for now, and just focus on better
"documenting" the process via "scripts that tell you exact commands to
exec" for now ... gotta walk before we can run.


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