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: Back when we used 4.4.0 I believe a query with rows=-1 returned all matching
: documents. In 5.1.0 (the one we are using now) rows=-1 will trigger a

Nope -- that's never been how rows=-1 behaved.

The fact that it didn't return an error is some older versions of solr
(and may have behaved similar to rows=0 in specific versions) was a bug of
poor validation. but no "fetch all docs" behavior has ever been removed,
it never existed in the first place other then in the special case support
for the "/export" handler.

: validation exception. If I remove the code that throws that exception, it
: seems like rows=-1 behaves like rows=0. Has the support for rows=-1 (give me
: all) been reintroduced in a release after 5.1.0? If yes, which JIRA-ticket? If
: no, any plans to reintroduce it? Any good reason for changing the rows=-1
: behavior? Am I the only one that liked it? :-)
: Regards, Per Steffensen
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