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: I wasn't suggesting a blanket resolve of issues. There are a few that I
: looked at that should have been resolved and weren't. This would require
: some manual effort.

can you give some examples?

I was reading "resolved" as "FIXED" but if you're talking about issues
that could/should be marked WONT_FIX or CANT_REPRO or DUP then i suspect
you're just falling for the "Street Light Effect" ... the recent work and
6.0 happened to catch your eye, and you notice some of those open 6.0
issues could/should be resolved, but that doesn't mean there is anything
special about open issues with 6.0 set on them ... there might be just as
many open issues w/o a fixVersion that warrant equal review/edits.

: Since there isn't a problem here that open and fixVersion doesn't mean
: anything together, I'm fine with just leaving as is.

I don't think there is, and i don't subscribe any meaning to it, but
that's just my opinion.

if other folks *want* to subscribe meaning to it that will be an uphill
battle unless some work is done to change our workflow and lock down jira
to prevent arbitrary fixVersons from bieng added to issues.


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