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TLDR: I don't think it's worth any time/effort to worry about fixVersion
for open issues.

: project in (SOLR,LUCENE) and status in (Open) and fixVersion IS NOT EMPTY
: Does it make sense that there are so many issues that are open and have a
: fixVersion that is not empty?

Yes, there are lots of reasons why an Open issue might have a fixVersion
set -- it's not really an indication of a problem. When folks resolve
issues, that's when it's really important to make sure the fixVersion is
set correctly.

Typically what happens is...

1) the person who filed the issue ambitiously/optimistically
set the fixVersion to a particular X.Y in the *hope* that it
would be fixed in that version, and it's never been updated since.


2) people actively working on an issue set the fixVersion to help remind
themselves, or signal to others, that they intend to backport to
particular branches in time for particular releases.

...but it's not really obvious from any particular jira search when/why a
bunch of issues have a particular fixVersion, you have to look at
individual issues.

: I think these issues fall into a few categories (may have missed a few
: cases):
: * Fix Version < 6.0 - should either be resolved or have the fix version
: removed since < 6.0 was released
: * Fix Version == 6.0 - should be resolved or have the fix version removed
: (most of the cases due to LUCENE-7271)
: * Fix Version == 6.1 - assuming these are currently being worked on or
: resolved if committed?
: * Fix Version == master (7.0) - resolve or remove fix version?

I'm not sure why you think it would be a good idea to blanket resolve
issues with older fix versions -- that seems to be confusing cause with
effect (ie: just because someone set the fixVersion=6.0 doesn't mean the
bug was magically fixed or a feature was magically added)

If you are looking to make a bulk change I suppose we could just wipe the
fixVersion from all unresolved issues, but that seems like trying to bail
out a boat with a massive hole in the bottom using an even more
massive bucket -- you might get all the water out today, but there won't
be naything to stop the flood of water that comes in on a regular basis.


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