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: Is it possible there are 2100 of these?

Possible or not, that's certialy what it looks like (1665 more in LUCENE)

I woke up this morning thinking "Oh wait - doesn't jira have a way to
merge Versions?" ... and the answer is "Yes" so i was going to suggest the

for both the LUCENE and SOLR project...

1) Audit the list of Jira's with 'fixVersion=mater AND fixVersion=6.1' and
manually remove master from all of them (only ~100 total)
2) merge "master" into "6.0"
3) re add a "master" version to Jira
3) Audit CHANGES.txt and set fixVersion=master on the handful of issues in
the 7.0 section

...but that was before i really looked at Cassandra's Jira queries...

: I did the below JIRA query, only in the Solr project, looking for
: Resolved or Closed issues with fixVersion of "master", but not with
: fixVersion of 6.0 nor 6.1, resolved before 8 Apr 2016 (the release
: date of Lucene/Solr 6).

...if you sort by Resolved Date, it becomes really clear that we've fucked
up on renaming/dealing with "master" for longer then just the 6.0 release
... it seems like s we didn't do something correctly for 5.0 either.

So i'm kind of at a loss now as to what the optimal solution would be.

: It seems it would be easier to make some sort of "rename master" sort
: of change and go back and fix the ones that shouldn't be changed
: because they have been finished post-6.0 release, but I'm not seeing a
: good way to make a single query for those.

that kind of fits with my "Merge Version" idea ... but i'm not sure if/how
to care about the really old issues 4.x which will start saying "Fixed in:
...,6.0" ... will that confuse people? Will users see "Fixed in:
4.0-ALPHA, 6.0" and think there was a regression in 5.x? ... or am i just
over thinking things?

The other option: straight up delete "master" so it disappears from all of
these issues (we can add a new "master" back later) and then explicitly
add 6.0 to every issue mentioned in the 6.0 CHANGES sections ... writting a
little perl script to pull them out and build up a few jira search urls
like "id in (SOLR-3085, SOLR-7560, SOLR-7707, SOLR-7707, ...)" wouldn't be
too painful, and once we had those search URLs matches a few hundred
issues each, we can use the "Bulk Edit" to add 6.0...

...oh fuck ... right, i forgot about this part...

: Additionally, and sadly, in JIRA any bulk update to a field overwrites
: the existing value in the field. So if the fixVersion is "master" and
: "5.3", then doing a bulk update to "master" only would remove "5.3". i guess i'm back to my "Merge master -> 6.0" idea, and oh well to
any confusion there might be for those really old issues.

Anybody have a better suggestion?


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