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: Yeah, good point, I forgot about the permutations with backported issues.
: But it's not just master + 6.1, it's also master + 6.0. That's why
: the query I sent out looked for issues that had "master", but not
: either of those versions. If it's marked for 6.0 and also master, then
: it's meant for 7.0 (eventually).

Not neccessarily -- we have no way of nowing when "master" was put in
fixVersion, so "6.0, master" might mean "commited to master=7.0 and
branch_6x=6.0" or it might mean "commited to master which was then later
forked to branch_6x but then someone also added 6.0 explicitly when

in general, if we're going to merge master->6.0 we don't have to worry
about any issues that *currently* list both -- that wll be resolved when
they merge.

I'm pretty sure we only have to worry about:

a) issues that list both "master
+ 6.1" and wether that really means "commited to branch_6_0=6.0 and
branch_6x=6.1" or "commited to master=7.0 and branch_6x=6.0" ... which is
why i suggested a manual audit based on jira query.

b) issues that *should* only list "master" once we are all done ... which
should be a really straight forward audit of the 7.0 CHANGES.txt.

...or am i still missing something?

: generally assumed. We could remove master from all issues that already
: have another fixVersion (except the forward ones, 6.0 and 6.1), and
: then just deal with that list. It's much more manageable:

how would we remove master from master from those issues? the "Bulk Edit
replaces whole field" problem would force us to remove all fixVersions in
that case wouldn't it?

: > : > for both the LUCENE and SOLR project...
: > : >
: > : > 1) Audit the list of Jira's with 'fixVersion=mater AND fixVersion=6.1' and
: > : > manually remove master from all of them (only ~100 total)
: > : > 2) merge "master" into "6.0"
: > : > 3) re add a "master" version to Jira
: > : > 3) Audit CHANGES.txt and set fixVersion=master on the handful of issues in
: > : > the 7.0 section


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