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Thanks Mark.

I've got to make a project proposal at this page.

Shall I include you as a mentor? Would anyone else like to be a mentor to
this project alongwith Mark?

I've also got some preliminary questions about the issue

1. You mention that the UI, currently using Java (Swing I presume?) needs
to be ported to another toolkit. May I ask why?
2. For porting, is there a preferred toolkit you'd like it to be ported to
or any you, like the PyGTK?
3. Has the work on Pivot been completed? If not, what else is to be done?
4. Can I run Luke by itself or should it be built alongwith Lucene as it
refers some classes of Lucene?

Also, it would be great if you could link me to some slides or posts about
Luke (the first two links on the issue page don't seem to work)



On Jul 12, 2013 11:28 PM, "Mark Miller" wrote:

Great! I'd be glad to help get you going!

I think that issue would have a very large affect if we could get it up to
speed - it's a very popular tool and having it released with Lucene and
always up to date with trunk would really help a lot of people I think.

- Mark

On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 1:13 AM, Ajay Bhat wrote:

Hi all,

I had attended the ASF-ICFOSS Mentoring Programme [1], 2013 in India
conducted by Luciano Resende[2] and I've developed an interest in open
source. I'd like to work on the JIRA Lucene 2562 - Make Luke a Lucene/Solr
Module [3] as a project.

I've checked out the Lucene trunk and taken a look at the work Mark
Miller has done on it. If no one has taken it up, I'm willing to work on it
after submitting a formal project proposal after I get a mentor. I'd like
some technical guidance on Lucene from the community as well.




Thanks and regards,

- Mark

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