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Can't you turn on jetty logging and get full response time + size of
response, etc?
On Wed, Jul 10, 2013 at 4:46 PM, Erick Erickson wrote:
I've been waving my hands for a while with "QTime is just the query
time, it doesn't count network latency, assembling the response blah
blah blah".

It seems like we could at least provide the time it takes to write out
the docs that would include decompression time, disk latency, all that
stuff. Still wouldn't deal with network latency, but it'd be progress.

I'm thinking that TextResponsWriter.writeDocuments and
BinaryResponseWriter.writeResultsBody each have a loop that could
pretty easily be modified to collect this bit of data and it could be
returned in another tag in the "timings" section.

Does this seem do-able? What about valuable? I'm assuming that just
_adding_ a section wouldn't break back-compat. What do people think?
Should I raise a JIRA?

Not quite sure what it would mean in a cloud setup, possibly start out
as an element in the debug/timing/process section of the response?
(not sure what about the binary response writer yet, haven't thought
it through much).

<lst name="assemblyTimes">
<str name="shard1">43</str>
<str name="shard2">54</str>

Although the above would help pinpoint laggard shards.

But _much_ lower fruit would be to just log this, which should be
really easy unless I'm missing something.

Let me know and I'll raise a JIRA if there's interest.,

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