You are completely off-base in regards to my Columbia reference.

It is sorrowful when anyone dies (others would dispute this,
executions of murderers, etc.), but people die all the time - it
doesn't make it a tragedy.

What makes the Columbia truly a tragedy is that they died due to
politics, of no fault of their own. They entrusted their lives to
the engineers, and were deceived.

The same can be said when politics is the overriding factor in our
intelligence agencies. You can also see where that got us, and the
lives that have been lost.

Illustrating the serious problems that can occur when politics wins
over substance is not disrespectful - it is prudent, and you are a
disrespectful ass for even suggesting it was. Either that, or you do
not enough enough command of the English language to understand I was
not equating the two, but using one as an extreme example of the
result of the underlying problem.

That Lucene isn't used is mission critical applications, doesn't make
the offense of politics over substance any less problematic.

You sound like some unrealistic PC idiot - maybe in your next message
you'll some how play the race card in order to "quiet me". Please.

And personally, I would rather work with a jerk that made my work
life/day easier because his work product removed a burden on me, or
made the company so successful that I earned a better compensation,
than work with I guy that I had to either explain everything 3 times,
or redo his crap all the time. In fact, I would work hard to see that
the latter did not work there very long.
On Jan 10, 2009, at 7:53 AM, Grant Ingersoll wrote:

On Jan 9, 2009, at 8:06 PM, robert engels wrote:

Luckily there are entrepreneurs and other managers/owners that
value quality first, and let feelings get repaired over beers or
not at all.
Sure, but let me ask you, do you like working with those people who
are jerks all the time? AFAICT, Lucene has done a pretty good job
of creating something of quality AND doing it in a civil,
respectful way, otherwise I just don't think we would still all be
here. Why can't we have both? You talk like the only way it is
possible to achieve something is by stepping on others.

I would suggest everyone involved remove feelings from all of this
and just focus on discussing the pros and cons of the subject at
hand without the need to insult each other anytime you disagree.
In the end, all involved would likely do better simply by showing
their ideas out in code, i.e. _real_ patches.

Your approach is exactly what destroyed the Columbia and their
lives - politics over substance.
Please don't compare what we do in a mission non-critical open
source project for searching files, databases and other minutiae
with the massive tragedy that was Columbia. They are not even
close to being on the same level and it is so completely
disrespectful to those that lost their lives in that tragedy.


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