: I'm against caching in general because you always run into some hard to
: understand and examine problem but this seems to be one of the rare cases
: where caching makes sense.

For you maybe, but i've actually seen very few instances in practice where
people who are speed concious use FuzzyQueries (or other queries with
really expensive rewrite methods) to a large degree .... in the few casees
people do:
1) they usually go whole hog and cache search results
(ie: query+sort => list of docs)
2) they want direct control of the cache.

: Well, at least the existing of such an decorator (which you explicitly have to
: use) will give you a hint that this is performance hot spot. I took me quite
: some time to figure it out...

i would argue that for a lot of people something like "Solr" is that
decorator ... but if you'd like to submit a contrib that does something
like this with a nice generic API by all means please do.


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