: > Hoss means calling rewrite on the *result* of a rewrite.
: Uh? That's what I mean (propose), too... But currently nothing's cached at
: all.
: Cache the result (BooleanQuery) of rewrite() in a WeakHashMap with key =
: IndexReader and value = LRU.

yes .. you can do that. you don't need anything in the core lucene
Searchers to do it for you (ie: nothing needs refactored out, because
redundent rewrite calls are cheap) ... in the paragraph below,
"application" refers to your code, "Lucene" refers to the code in the
lucene JAR...

: > So the application would call rewrite, cache the resulting query, and
: > then use that already rewritten query from then on. Lucene wouldn't
: > know it had already been rewritten, and would call rewrite again, but
: > it should be fast.


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