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I think the basic criteria should be that it's clear to users that Lucene
was used to implement it.

For web-based applications this is best done by putting "Search powered by
[Lucene]" (with the logo linking to the Lucene web site) on the search
results page, and ideally on the query page too.

What should we do for non-web-based applications? Is a mention in the
"About" box good enough? I think so, but I'm open to other proposals.

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From: Peter Carlson

Sent: Monday, May 06, 2002 7:05 AM
Subject: Powered by Lucene, what is the criteria

Hi I just read the Powered by Lucene web page and it states that:

Please include something like the following with your search results:
search powered by

Does the logo need to be in the results page or just
somewhere on the site,
like the about area?

I may have just misinformed Zoe.


On 5/6/02 2:07 AM, "Thomas Fuchs" wrote:

Hi Peter,

I'm sorry, I never resived your message because I'm not
listed in the lucene
mailing list. I just found it with google. ;)

I included now the powered by lucene logo in There is a
short description of
the search engine, too.

I didn't so before, because the legal stuff coming with
lucene says, the names
"Apache" and "Lucene" must not be used to endorse or
promote products derived
from this software without prior written permission. I find
that a little bit


- Thomas

Hi Thomas,
I looked at your site, but didn't see the powered by Lucene
on any of the
Internes pages.

You must have the Powered by Lucene Logo on your site.
Please let me know
where I can find it.



On 4/1/02 7:51 PM, "Thomas Fuchs" wrote:

we just relaunched, a well known german law
database (about
12.000 documents), and we included Lucene as search
engine. We thought, it
would be nice, if could be listed in the Powered by

Thanks in advance

Thomas Fuchs
Tobias Pietzsch e. V.
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