And now that you mention it, if you do get it working then reducing the
steps you need to take into a HOWTO would be quite useful...

Here's what I remember doing. Most of this was gleaned from other mail
on the list.

Get gcc 4.0, g++ 4.0, gcj 4.0, libgcj6, libgcj6-dev.

If you end up having trouble getting lucene4c to use the newer
compiler versions instead of your old ones, try making links to them
in a directory and adding that directory to your path. i.e. something
like ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-4.0 ~/bin/gcc
Then add ~/bin/gcc to your path

Get the latest version of apr:
$svn checkout http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/apr/apr/trunk/ apr
configure with --experimental-libtool
make and install
note the install path

Get the latest version of lucene4c
$svn checkout http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/lucene4c/trunk lucene4c

run the bootstrap script. if that fails, you may need to install
autoconf, automake or something else

run configure with --with-apr=<your apr path>
if anything has a "no" beside it in the output, you probably need to
install it or fix something

run make and that should be it hopefully.

If you're using a very recent version of gcc and you get an error like "global
qualification of class name is invalid before : token" take a look here:

Apologies if parts of this are too obvious (or too vague). I'm not
familiar enough to know where meat is needed.


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