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I've committed my current work on a GCJ backed Lucene4c on the
gcj-backend branch in Subversion. Feel free to grab it from:

Indexing is currently working (for text fields only at the moment, more
to follow as I find use for them), and searching should be done this
weekend sometime, assuming I get around to it. The build system is
still rather hardcoded, so you'll have to hack the makefile to get it to
work on your system. I also need to go in and make the CLI and unit
tests work again, since they're currently not up to date with the new API.

This is currently based on the Jar file from lucene-1.4.3, just like
PyLucene. I had some trouble with the version of Lucene I compiled out
of the trunk in Subversion, although I'm pretty sure it's just me
screwing up some of the CNI code, since using the same Jar from GCJ
compiled Java worked fine. Something to revisit when we're further
along I guess.

If anyone else has a chance to play with this I'd love to hear about it,
since so far it's only been tried on my laptop, running Ubuntu Linux
with GCJ 4.0, so I'm anxious to hear if other people have similar
experiences with the code.


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