Does it get stuck before the creating a Hadoop job or after creating a Hadoop job.

In case it is stuck before creating a hadoop job you can look at Hive.log (wherever you are directing it) for what is taking a long time to setup the job.
In case the Hadoop job has already started you can look at the task attempt logs.

Sometimes if you have a lot of small files or lot of partitions Hive can take long to setup and start map reduce jobs.

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Thulasi Ram P

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Subject: Reg: Map joins in hive
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I have a huge table x (~150M records and ~5GB) with one partition and another table (~200 records and <10KB). I want to join both these tables and thought MapJoin is perfect optimization for this. However, my job log says..

Total MapReduce jobs = 2

Mapred Local Task Succeeded . Convert the Join into MapJoin

Launching Job 1 out of 2

Number of reduce tasks is set to 0 since there's no reduce operator

and then it is stuck at this point of time for a long time. Can you some explain what could be happening here ?

Thulasi Ram P

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