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We have a situation where the data coming from source systems to hive may
contain the common characters and delimiters such as |, tabs, new line
characters etc.

We may have to use multi character delimiters such as "|#" for columns and "||#"
for rows.

How can we achieve this? In this case our single rows may look like below (|#is
column delimiter and ||#is row delimiter

row 1 col1 |# row 1 col2 |# row 1 col 3 has
new line characters |# and this is
the last column of row 1 ||# row 2 col1 |# row 2 col2 |# row 2 col 3 has
one tab and one new line character |# and this is
the last column of row 2 ||#

Would custom SerDe help us handle this situation?

Thanks and Regards,

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